Bila Tserkva Applied College of Service and Design is a modern, innovative educational institution of Kyiv region, which focuses on the leading educational trends and the latest technologies, the needs of the present and future labor market. The college conducts educational, innovative, methodological activities and provides high-quality training of specialists in the fields of light industry, hairdressing, computer technologies and publishing.

Director of the college Alla Olehivna Stepura – Honored Education Worker of Ukraine, Methodist teacher.

The history of the formation of the educational institution began on August 15, 1959, with the founding of the Bela Tserkva Evening Vocational Technical School of the Kyiv Regional Department of Industrial Cooperation.

Over the history of its existence, the college has educated more than 25,000 specialists for light industry and the service sector.

Today, Bila Tserkva Applied College of Service and Design is a leading educational institution in the Kyiv region. About 600 students study here every year. The college offers a wide range of educational programs at different levels: from training according to the educational and qualification level “skilled worker” to obtaining a professional junior bachelor’s degree and adult education, namely:

By specialties of the educational and professional degree of a professional junior bachelor:

  • Technologies of light industry, Modeling and design of industrial products;
  • Publishing and printing, Computer processing of textual, graphic and image information;
  • Information, library and archival affairs, Office management;
  • Design, Hairdressing and decorative cosmetics.

By occupations of the educational and qualification level of a skilled worker:

  • Tailor;
  • Hairdresser (hairstylist, manicurist);
  • Information and software processing operator;
  • Computer layout operator.

Every year, more than 70 course participants train in the college programs “Hairdresser (hairstylist)”, “Tailor”, “Manicurist”.

One of the main principles of the college is orientation to the needs of the labor market and practical experience in education. The college will work actively with leading companies in the field of light industry, hairdressing and publishing, which gives students the opportunity to get not only theoretical knowledge, but also real experience in working with modern technologies and tools.

The college has established strong partnership relations with such companies as  “Cluster of the printing industry, publishing houses and digital technologies “Printing: logistics, service, quality”, the Bela Tserkva book factory, the companies “BeRaise”, “Ukrlittextile”, “World Trade”, “Valtex”, Photo Press, the Bila Tserkva State Municipal Archives, the Ukrainian Association of Mu work seums, the State Employment Service, hairdressers, studios and salons of Bila Tserkva, the Agency for Strategic Development of Bila Tserkva, etc.

Among the educational partners of the college, there are higher education institutions: Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Grigory Skovoroda University (Pereyaslav), National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Ukrainian Academy of Printing (Lviv), Khmelnytskyi National university and others.

In today’s environment, the priority tasks of the Bila Tserkva Applied College of Service and Design are:

  • development of an international strategy, formation of a partnership network, exchange of knowledge and experience between teachers, students and employers from different countries;
  • solving issues of digital transformation by developing digital readiness, stability and capacity; obtaining a positive reputation and ratings;
  • creation of a multinational, culturally diverse and motivating educational environment as the basis of quality education;
  • development of international partnership aimed at establishing academic cooperation and collaboration, joint projects and research with other educational institutions from different countries, development and implementation of programs and activities aimed at increasing the professional and intercultural competence of students and teachers.

An important condition for the formation of the educational space of the college is the provision of safe and harmless conditions of study and work and living in the dormitory, the maximum approximation of the educational process to the conditions of professional activity. The college has modern, reliable, safe infrastructure and equipment; a single digital educational ecosystem, which provides permanent access to high-quality digital content to students and teaching staff, promotes the development and mastery of digital competences, and the wide implementation of innovative teaching and learning practices. There are 2 educational and residential buildings, 2 dormitories, which have about 200 places to live. There are 2 modern shelters for 400 places, there are 20 classrooms: 12 of them are subjects of the professional and technical cycle, 4 of them are information and computer technologies and production automation, 6 laboratories, 10 educational and production workshops. In fact, 550 study places are used.

The zoning of office space is arranged according to the scheme of “workstations”. The equipment of the “stations” includes an information and demonstration center (blackboard or interactive whiteboard, projector, monitor or TV, etc.) and directly educational areas.

There are Innovative structural divisions-centers: information and resource, educational and practical, career.

The college is open to the latest technologies and innovations, constantly works on improving programs and teaching methods, created an electronic library with educational and methodical support of educational components to ensure flexibility and individualization, taking into account the peculiarities and needs of each student of education.

Development of an intellectual, creative, cultural environment in the college is one of the leading directions in the work of the teaching staff.

College teachers spread their professional experience actively by participating in educational and professional exhibitions, conferences, seminars; systematically publish scientific and methodical materials in periodical pedagogical and professional publications.

Thorough work is being carried out to promote and ensure the development of gifted education seekers, designing a personal development environment for talented young people, namely, the work of the studios “Strykh”, “Etude”, “Litopysets”, “Platforma”, theater of fashion and hairstyles “Diamodus”, circle “Economics for those who care.” The ensemble of female drummers is the pride and one of the business cards of the Bila Tserkva Applied College of Service and Design. Students take active part in various competitions of professional skill and they are multiple winners of international, Ukrainian, regional and local competitions of professional skill and artistic amateur performance.

In the conditions of martial law, the college bears a special responsibility for the tomorrow of a free and independent Ukraine, which is why the focus of the college’s activities is the comprehensive systematic national-patriotic education of youth, participation in charitable projects and volunteering.


College team